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How To Properly Clean & Maintain Your Ceiling Fan

by Averlyn Fong October 18, 2019

Congratulations on getting your ceiling fans!

Now you must be wondering, how do I go about properly cleaning and maintaining your ceiling fans. Not to worry, we will provide you with 5 steps to go about doing this easy task.

Step 1: Switch Off Your Ceiling Fan

You have to switch off your ceiling fan before cleaning it. Why?

It's for your safety and it's also very difficult to clean the blades of your ceiling fan if the blades are moving.

There are 2 ways of switching off your ceiling fans. One is through the remote, the other is through your main switch.

We recommend switching off using your ceiling fan's remote first, then move over to the main switch to switch that off too.

This is much safer and will prevent any unforeseen accidents from happening. Imagine if you used your fan's remote to switch it off, and during cleaning, your kids accidentally toggled the fan's remote back to "on". This will be quite dangerous, isn't it?

Step 2: Use An Extendable Duster Handle

These are extendable plastic poles that come with an attached duster head. The duster head helps to trap dust during cleaning, while the extendable plastic pole lets you clean the tough to reach areas of your ceiling fan.

Be sure to double-check the full length of the plastic pole with your ceiling's height.

The plastic pole's head should also be attached with a swivel head, as this allows more maneuverability to reach those nooks and corners of your ceiling fans. 

Step 3: Clean With An Outward Motion

Start from the inner blades (closest to the center of the fan), clean outwards with the duster handle in a regular motion. This allows the dust to fall off your ceiling fan easier. The motion is quite similar to how you would use your hand to wipe off dust/dirt from a table. 

Avoid cleaning in a back and forth motion, as this will make removing the dust more difficult.

Step 4: Avoid Using Water

If you use water to clean, you run the risk of water damage to the motor of the ceiling fan. 

Therefore, it's highly recommended not to use water at all. Instead, the duster head should be sufficient to pick up all the dust. You can also use dry wipes for additional dust removal. 

These dry wipes are readily found in supermarkets all across Singapore. 

Step 5: Finish With A Dust Repellant Spray

A dust repellant spray helps to repel away dust, so your ceiling fan will stay clean even longer. 

Simply spray on a piece of dry cloth, and coat it evenly on both the inner and outer regions of your ceiling fans. 

Averlyn Fong
Averlyn Fong

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