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Understanding The SAFETY Mark Certification In Singapore

by Averlyn Fong February 20, 2020

In accordance to the Consumer Protection (Safety Requirements) Regulations (CPSR), 33 different categories of household products are required to be registered with Enterprise Singapore.

These 33 different categories of household products are designated as "Controlled Goods", and it's compulsory that they are rigorously tested to the safety standards in Singapore. These safety tests include:

  1. Fire
  2. Electric Shock
  3. Explosion
  4. Radiation
  5. Other hazards that could potentially harm you or your family
  6. Other hazards that could potentially damage your property 

Upon successful registration of the household products, along with passing the rigorously safety tests, an unique 8-digit registration number will be issued. This 8 digit number traceable to the registrant and the registered models.

How Does The Safety Mark Relate To Ceiling Fans?

There are 3 core components that are tested for ceiling fans (

1. Suspension must have adequate strength to withstand mechanical stresses from daily use

2. Screws, bolts and nuts connecting the suspension system must not come loose

3. Moving parts must not cause undue stress to electrical connections

Why Is The Safety Mark Important For Ceiling Fans?

It's for the safety of you, your family and your property.

Safety checks [1] and [2] are making sure that the ceiling fans are able to withstand mechanical stresses. This ensures that the ceiling fans will not fall on you or your family during routine usage. 

Safety check [3] is to make sure that the ceiling fans will not catch fire. Rotational stress from the moving parts can be a fire hazard. 

There are instances of ceiling fans product recalls, because the models supplied are not Safety Mark certified.

According to

We urge consumers to play their part by prioritizing safety considerations when purchasing and using household products. Consumers should practice the following:

Look out for a valid SAFETY Mark. Search through the Register of Controlled Goods at to check if the product has been registered with Enterprise Singapore.

Always Insist On A SAFETY Mark Certified Ceiling Fans

Your safety and your family's safety are of utmost importance. Therefore, always insist on SAFETY Mark certified products. 

At KAZE Fans, all of our ceiling fans are 100% SAFETY Mark certified by Enterprise Singapore.

Averlyn Fong
Averlyn Fong

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