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Terms & Conditions




Thank you for purchasing our product. We at KAZE Fans Pte Ltd (“KAZE”) are committed to deliver you our customers (“Customer”) with carefully manufactured products.This product (“Product”) has been tested and is in perfect working condition at the time of delivery.

  1. Requirements

1.1          The Customer is required to register this limited warranty (“Warranty”) within 10 days from the date of original purchase (“Purchase”) by

(a) sending the filled up Warranty card by post to KAZE’s address at 3 Upper Aljunied Link #06-06 Joo Seng Warehouse, Singapore 367902 ; OR (b) online registration using the following link (and attaching the proof of Purchase at KAZE’s discretion. The preferred mode of registration shall be duly updated by KAZE from time to time.

1.2          KAZE reserves its right to require the presentation of the original Warranty card and proof of Purchase. KAZE reserves its right to void the Warranty in case of altered, defaced or incomplete Warranty card. (where applicable)

  1. Coverage

2.1          This Warranty covers (a) faulty materials and (b) manufacturing defects for a period of 1 year from Purchase (except for the fan motor which comes with 10 years warranty). (“Warranty Period”) KAZE reserves its right to inspect and test the Product for the purpose of determining the extent of any defect and the validity of any claim made under this Warranty.

2.2          This Warranty covers purchases only in Singapore through KAZE or its authorised dealers. The Warranty does not extend to Products purchased through Carousell, Lazada, or other internet-based auction or retail sites or mobile applications.

2.3          This Warranty is applicable only to the original purchaser and is non-transferable, non-negotiable and cannot be assigned to any third party.

2.4          The installation of the Product must follow our instruction manual. Otherwise, the Warranty shall be void. This Warranty does not cover any noise or sound as a result of improper fan installation(s) on false ceiling. For installation of Products above 10 feet high, the Customer  is required to pay an additional fee for the Warranty.

2.5          The Product must be maintained in its original point of installation for the validity of the Warranty. Successive transfers of the Product may result to damage to the Product and its component.

2.6          The serial number of the Product must not be tampered with, erased, defaced or altered, otherwise the Warranty shall be void.

2.7          During the Warranty Period and subject to its verification, KAZE will:

(a) Repair or replace the affected component(s) of any defective motor, spare parts, or accessories; and

(b) Repair or replace the defective part(s).

In case of replacement of the affected component(s) or defective part(s), the said component(s) or part(s) shall become KAZE’s property. For the avoidance of doubt, replacement of the Product to a new Product is only proper in cases where KAZE deems the Product as irreparable.

Rest assured, in all instances, KAZE will exert its best efforts to repair the Product back to its working condition.

  1. Exclusions

3.1          This Warranty does not cover the following:

  1. a) due to normal wear and tear;
  2. b) scratches, corrosion, rust, colour deteriorations, stains, dents, cracks, noise, balancing of fan, switch control, lighting bulbs, power point and power plug;
  3. c) Product serviced or repaired other than by KAZE or its authorised representative;
  4. d) Product replaced with components and parts not supplied by KAZE;
  5. e) malfunction, losses, defects, or damage resulting from acts of god, civil unrest and or accidents;
  6. f) malfunction, losses, defects, or damage resulting from tampering, mishandling, improper installation, improper use (including failing to do reasonable and necessary maintenance), negligence and modification to the Product; or
  7. g) obstruction caused to access of electrical part(s)/product(s) (e.g. ceiling board / false ceiling);
  8. h) damage caused by connecting the product to a dimmer, regulator, or IC control.
  9. i) damage or malfunction due to improper installation by third parties. KAZE recommends using its certified installation team.
  1. Other Terms

4.1          KAZE will bear the cost of transport and service charge only within the first year of the Warranty Period. For servicing of the Product from second year onwards (i.e for the fan motor Warranty), the Customer will bear the cost of transport and service charge. KAZE reserves its right to impose additional charges for dismantling and re-installation of the Product when necessary. For servicing from the second year onwards due to causes other than fan motor defects, the Customer will bear the cost of transport, service charge and costs of components or parts.

4.2          KAZE will use reasonable commercial endeavours to have all necessary spare parts available for the purpose of the Warranty. However, KAZE shall not be liable for delays due to sourcing of parts which are required or due to circumstances beyond the control of KAZE.

4.3          KAZE disclaims any liability for any injury or damage to person, property or animal resulting from failure to comply with our instruction manual. KAZE disclaims any liability for consequential or incidental damages, due to product failure, whether arising out of breach of warranty, breach of contract or otherwise.

4.4          KAZE’s decision on all questions relating to complaints as to defects either workmanship or materials shall be conclusive and the Customer agrees to abide by such a decision. The Warranty stated herein shall be limited within the Warranty Period.

4.5          The ceiling fan should be checked yearly for any loose and/or broken parts. Fees may apply after the first year of warranty ends.

4.6          It is recommended that the ceiling fan suspension should be inspected by KAZE at least once every two years. Fees apply accordingly.

4.7          The terms and conditions of this Warranty shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Singapore, and the Customer submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore in the determination of any matter or dispute arising in connection therewith.